Kleemann signs education partnership

The IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Haierschule Faurndau, Schiller-Realschule, Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium and Kleemann GmbH have concluded an education partnership. The partnership was officially sealed on Monday, 4 April 2016 with the signing of the educational contract at Kleemann GmbH.

The aim of the partnership is to intensify the cooperation between schools and employers. The partnership not only cultivates personal contact. The cooperative venture is also characterised by mutual offers. For instance, Kleemann offers the schools internships, gives presentations in the class and invites students to visit the company. "For the training of future skilled workers we would like to strengthen our relationship with the local schools in Göppingen and get students enthusiastic about an apprenticeship at our company at an early stage", states (GL; HR?) Kleemann GmbH. To reach students from various types of schools, a conscious effort was made to seek contact with a Werksrealschule (vocational secondary school), a Realschule (secondary modern school) and a Gymnasium (grammar school).

Kleemann aims to double the number of apprenticeships and training positions by 2020 in the course of its own expansion. At the moment 23 apprentices are being trained in the technical and commercial area. From this year the offer of industrial training positions was also increased from three to five positions. For 2016 Kleemann promised 20 interns a position in industrial training alone. "For students an internship is the best way to try out training professions and gather some initial professional experience", states Achim Miller, Head of Industrial Training, "there are good opportunities of obtaining a training position at Kleemann at a later stage thanks to the personal contact." At present around 50 percent of the trainees are former interns.

Networking with education institutions is very important for Kleemann. In addition to regular participation in local training course and job exchanges, Kleemann is also actively involved with the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

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