Kleemann MOBIREX impact crushers superb for crushing demolition concrete

With the MOBIREX MR 110 Zi EVO2 and the MR 130 Zi EVO2 shown at World of Concrete 2019, Kleemann presents mobile impact crushers that are high performers for demolition concrete and asphalt pavement recycling, and natural stone processing.

EVO2 impact crushers with new "SPECTIVE" control system

Kleemann mobile impact crushers of the MOBIREX EVO2 series are used in the primary and secondary crushing stages. They are designed so they can be easily transported and are ready for rapid deployment. The diesel-direct drive concept also ensures high performance with economical consumption at the same time. The system widths of the impact crusher are opened in the direction of the material flow for better utilization and higher productivity. The innovative Continuous Feed System (CFS) controls the frequency of the conveyor belts in relation to the crusher load. The plant is controlled via a 12-in. (30.5cm) touch panel incorporating the new SPECTIVE control concept. SPECTIVE simplifies the operation of the plant as all functions are recognizable at a glance and clear symbols point the way. This way operating errors are avoided and occupational safety is improved. Important functions, such as the crusher gap adjustment, are easily adapted, some even during operation of the plant.

The mobile impact crusher MR 110 Zi EVO2 shows its strengths both in recycling and in natural stone processing.

The mobile impact crusher MR 110 Zi EVO2 shows its strengths both in recycling and in natural stone processing.

High final product quality thanks to secondary screening unit

The integrated, independently vibrating double-deck prescreen reliably filters fines and keeps them out of the crusher, cutting wear while saving fuel. The plant can also be equipped with an extra large secondary screening unit in order to produce high volumes of a defined final particle size, without the addition of a classifying screen. The optional equipment of the secondary screening unit with a frequency converter leads to even better final product quality. The frequency of the secondary screening unit can thus be controlled independently of crusher and engine. The advantage here lies in the fact that the engine can be driven at lower speed, and as a result, fewer fines occur, especially in recycling applications. Alternatively, the speed of the screen can be set higher, which leads to more efficient screening.

Efficient operation of the crushing plant

Another example of their increased efficiency is the optional air classifier. This ensures enhanced material quality as the material is thoroughly cleaned of impurities such as wood and plastic. The air flow can be controlled precisely depending on the material. Less manual work and sorting are required. In order to be able to continuously monitor the production of the impact crusher, the use of an integrated belt scale is offered.

Mobirex MR 130 Z EVO2 in a quarry application.

Mobirex MR 130 Z EVO2 in a quarry application.

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