MOBIREX EVO 2 honoured with innovation award

Foresight is rewarded: Kleemann GmbH receives the innovation award from the Wirtschafts- und Innovationsförderungsgesellschaft for the Göppingen district (WIF) (business development and innovation support agency) for the mobile impact crusher MOBIREX EVO 2. The MR EVO 2 won over the jury with its efficiency, safety, efficiency and energy savings.

The innovation award was presented on 15.07.2015 for the 11th time by the WIF and Kreissparkasse Göppingen in the categories industry, trade and services. Kleemann GmbH managed to see off competition from 29 projects submitted by companies from the district of Göppingen to claim the award in the industry category. "The mobile impact crusher Mobirex EVO 2 demonstrated that strong innovative thinking leads to significantly better results", states Dr. Volker Nilles, Managing Director of Technology at Kleemann GmbH, "the Mobirex EVO holds a special position in its market segment worldwide owing to its performance, efficiency and design."

Innovative products and services which are already established on the market are honoured with the award. The level of innovation, feasibility and the macroeconomic potential of the projects submitted are important to the jury. The MR EVO 2 impresses as an innovative comprehensive package and boasts flexible applications, productivity, simple operation, as well as a clever safety concept. The MR EVO 2 demonstrates its flexibility both in recycling and natural stone processing. Thanks to its mobility the plant comes directly to the operation site, thus saving on the expensive transport of material.

The use of the MR EVO 2 offers the operator decisive advantages. With the new diesel-direct drive fuel consumption is considerably lower than with comparable mobile impact crushers. As a result, the operating costs per tonne can be lowered. Efficient deployment is guaranteed thanks to the short setup times and relatively simple transportability. High productivity also took centre stage for the Swabian technology leader during the development of the MR EVO 2. The optimised material flow through the plant and the Continuous Feed System (CFS) enable continuous utilisation without interruptions.

The Kleemann engineers also thought of the plant operators during the development of the MR EVO 2: Comfortable and simple operation is guaranteed using a menu-guided touch panel. The award-winning Lock & Turn system was integrated in the system for safe operation. This allows the plant to be serviced without any risks, as a multistage safety system ensures safe access to the hazard zones.

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